Most common debts of young people

The most common liabilities of enforcement authority among young people are liabilities due to online shopping, care fees, mobile bills, driver’s licenses, traffic association fees and broadband. This was explained in a press release on November 21, 2018, by the Corona Prosecutor’s Office. They had looked at what the most common causes of young people aged 18 and 20 are to blame.

Of course, we at MoneySnap Finance have studied the statistics presented by the enforcement authority and thought about how it looks in general. And no, debts at enforcement authority due to sms loans are not even among the most common debts among young people. Thus, there are far greater hardships than sms loans when it comes to debt.


The most common debts among 19-year-olds

Among 19-year-olds, it is also very common for them to receive their first debts due to mobile telephony, broadband, e-commerce, driving licenses and ordinary private loans, and that they incur debts to the municipality. But at this age, they are also beginning to incur debt because of this:

  • Motor insurance fees. Liabilities to the Road Insurance Association due to unpaid car insurance.
  • Student Mice statements.
  • Gym.
  • Parking tickets.
  • Student loans.


The most common debts among 20-year-olds

In general, 20-year-olds incur the same kind of debt as 19-year-olds, but in addition, they also incur debt because of this:

  • Utility bills.
  • Credit Card Debt.
  • Union dues.


No wonder

debt credit

Actually, nothing is surprising in the enforcement authority’s statistics. It has long been known that many who shop online are tempted to pay off their purchases which can lead to a debt trap, we have written about earlier in our article about why young people are indebted. Also, many young people get a little bit buy-in when they finally start making money and that’s nothing strange about it, but it’s important to watch out for it to not derail.

It is also a well-known fact that some young people who have to start paying their own mobile bills and broadband invoices are having problems with it. Sometimes because they simply can’t afford to spend their money on something else or because they are a little careless. And who can live without a phone and the internet today?

It is also no wonder that the swindling student caps are not as attractive to pay, as are boring things like care fees, fees to the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Transport Agency. After all, it is at this age that many people take a driving license, so it is not strange that these debts end up with the guardian.


Quick loans no major problem

debt loans

And, as I said, it’s actually not very common to get debts from the Corona Prosecutor’s Office because of sms loans and other fast loans at this age, there are obviously significantly worse debt securities. This is because, among other things, most people who take sms loans are older than 20 years and that the total debt of enforcement authority due to sms loans is very small compared to other debts.

However, it should be borne in mind that the debts that are most common in young people are not representative of the population as a whole, although many of the debts young people have are also common in the elderly. If you look at the entire population, the debts to the state make up over 80% of the total debt balance at enforcement authority, which you can read about here. Debts that are slightly older but that are not so common among young people are, for example, debts due to unpaid maintenance support and tax liabilities.

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