National Debt Register (KRD) – how to check yourself in 2018?

KRD, i.e. the National Debt Register, is one of the basic sources of economic information and at the same time a tool enabling the exchange of data between enterprises, institutions and natural persons.

The full name of KRD is the National Debt Register Biuro Informacji Gospodarczej SA. The company was founded on August 4, 2003. Its current operation is regulated by the Act of April 9, 2010 on access to economic information and economic data.

The headquarters of the office is located in Wrocław

but the flow of information takes place primarily via electronic means using a modern communication system made available on the KRD internet platform. To be able to use it, you must register to the system. All necessary information on the exact scope of activities and functions of the KRD, as well as how to use it is included in the content of this article.

Check what exactly is this register, known more widely to the public as the black list of debtors. Find out what you can get to him and whether you can get out of it. Or maybe it turns out that it is worth to be in it and take advantage of it!

What is the National Debt Register for?

What is the National Debt Register for?

The scope of KRD’s activity is usually associated with an extensive database of information on debtors, whose negative entries are commonly referred to as bad credit history and make it difficult or even impossible for indebted persons to take out a loan or other financial liability.

The truth is, however, that its role is not limited to collecting and exchanging economic data that relate to the integrity and reliability of businesses or individuals.

It also enables effective debt collection and also allows for continuous monitoring of contractors, which ensures ongoing control of the financial standing of customers and business partners.

In addition, KRD runs a special patronage program – Reliable Company, in which over 50,000 companies have been awarded the debt certificate, which guarantees the company’s integrity and reliability. At the same time, it is worth knowing that the office accepts information not only about debt, but also about timely repayment of liabilities, which increases the credibility of entities on the database.

What economic area does the KRD base cover?


The economic information database of the National Debt Register contains data from sectors such as:

  • finances (banks, leasing, loans, insurance)
  • trade (wholesalers, shops, online stores)
  • administration (offices, courts, local governments)
  • industry (food, energy, pharmaceutical)
  • services (real estate, telecommunications, transport)

Both consumers and entrepreneurs who have not repaid their financial obligations within a predetermined period can be entered in the register.

The possibility of adding debtors to the base is, however, strictly regulated – from the minimum amount of debt that authorizes to make an entry, to precisely specified formal requirements. 

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